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How it works

Explore AI Mail Assistant: A Step-by-Step Guide on How It Works

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Install add-on

1. Go to Google Workspace Marketplace and click install to install the add-on on your Gmail.

2. Click "Allow" to authorize the add-on.

3. If your organization is blocking the access to installation, you can ask your IT team to unblock the add-on.

Find the tool on Gmail

1. On your Gmail, open the cards menu from the bottom right of the screen, by clicking the " < " button

2. From the icons on the right, click on the icon of AI Mail Assistant

3. You need to open an email to be able to use the add-on

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Create an account

1. On the first screen you will see "Start Free Trial", click on it to be redirected to the AI Mail Assistant website

2. Choose a Plan and click on "Get Started" 

3. Click on "Sign Up" and choose "Sign Up with Google"

4. If you chose a Premium Plan, you will be redirected to the payment screen, add your card details and proceed to payment.

Start using

1. Now that you access to the tool, you can start using by opening an email

2. Click the AI Mail Assistant icon

3. Choose which feature you want to use:

- Generate Response

- Translate

- Summarize email

- Improve draft

- Ask a question to ChatGPT

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Generate Response

1. Click on "Generate Response"

2. If you'd like, you can enter specific text you want the AI to include in its response.

3. Click on "Generate"

4. Our AI will generate the most appropriate response to the email you want to reply to

5. Click "Insert Draft" to insert the generated response into your email reply. You can modify the text as needed before sending it to the recipient.


1. Click on the "Translate" button 

2. Select the desired language from a list of 13 different options that you want the email or draft to be translated to.

3. Click on either "Translate Mail" or "Translate Draft" depending on whether you want to translate an email or a draft.

4. Our system will instantly translate the email or draft to the chosen language.

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AI Mail Assistant - How it works (6).gif

Summarize email

1. Click on "Summarize Email"

2. Our AI system will then generate a summary of the email conversation for you. The summary will be presented as bullet points, making it easy for you to quickly review and understand the most important details of the conversation. 

Improve Draft

1. Write the email or response you want to send to the recipient.

2. Click on the "Improve Draft" button to initiate the AI-powered proofreading process.

3. Our system will analyze your draft, identify and correct any grammar errors, typos, and unclear phrasing. It will then provide you with an improved draft that is clearer and more polished for the recipient to read.

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AI Mail Assistant - How it works (5).gif

Ask a question to ChatGPT

1. Click on the "Ask a question to ChatGPT" button 

2. Enter your question or request in the input field, describing what you need the AI to do for you.

3. Our AI system will analyze your question or request and provide you with an accurate and relevant answer or generate the content you need, all within seconds.

4. The "Ask a question to ChatGPT" feature is designed to allow you to ask any question, even those unrelated to the given features, for instances where you require a personalized prompt

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